Month: November 2012

You and your Investment Advisor: A bonafide relationship!

If somebody understands your finances better than you, it is your Investment advisor. In this day and age, earning money is easy but multiplying it, takes a toll on our lives. Parking your hard-earned money in the right investment avenue needs a lot of market research and a clear understanding of investor’s motives.   A […]

What qualities should we look for in a financial planner in India?

  Financial planning is a task which requires huge experience, in-depth knowledge and thorough market research. To frame a sound financial plan, the above mentioned ingredients are a must. Also, financial planning is not a layman’s job. So, one has to shift the onus of financial planning to a professional financial planner. A good financial […]

How to tackle unexpected expenses?

Despite planning all our expenses in advance, at times we encounter a sudden unexpected expense which stirs the entire budget. Such an expense arising from nowhere takes a toll on our lives, reason being we haven’t planned or made a provision of it beforehand. It could be anything like any health emergency or somebody borrowing […]

How to choose the right mutual fund?

Most of us are of the view that selecting the right kind of mutual fund is a tedious task. But in reality, it is not true. If an investor keeps a few parameters in mind, the selection process can become quick and easy. But before taking these parameters into account, an investor should have clarity […]

Taxation of Non Resident Indians

Non resident Indians have special provisions under the IT act applicable to them. However, these free streaming online sex movies provisions are optional. It should be noted that NRI’s can even opt for regular provisions applicable to residents if it benefits them.   Following are the special provisions applicable to NRI’s:   Section 115D:- This […]

When should you sell a mutual fund?

Buying and selling of mutual funds is a personal decision of an investor. There are many reasons which propel a person to buy or sell. Usually, an investor has a bent of mind where he thinks that buy-and-hold policy is the safest way to gain profits. It means the investor has to hold back the […]

What are the different types of investment incomes ?

We park our hard-earned money in various investment products in order to multiply it. Every investor knows that wealth creation is possible only by the means of investment. It is the wealth generation that propels a person to invest. Different investment options generate different types of income at different rates. It depends upon factors like […]

How to determine a sound asset allocation strategy?

Every investment avenue has an inherent risk-reward ratio. Now it is upto the investor to choose the right investment option that fit their needs. There are different types of assets like property, debt securities, commodities, real estate, gold etc and every investor comes across a phase where he thoroughly evaluates returns against the risk associated […]