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What types of insurance policies you must have?

What life could bring to the fore, no one knows. Though some circumstances are totally out of control but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. One can always opt for a protection cover in the form of insurance. This arrangement at-least assures us a financial protection if nothing else in an ill-fated […]

Taxation of Non Resident Indians

Non resident Indians have special provisions under the IT act applicable to them. However, these free streaming online sex movies provisions are optional. It should be noted that NRI’s can even opt for regular provisions applicable to residents if it benefits them.   Following are the special provisions applicable to NRI’s:   Section 115D:- This […]

How to plan your retirement appropriately?

Retirement is that stage of life where you wish to be free from your responsibilities. If planned well in advance, this is the most comfortable phase of one’s life where you can focus on things you like and wanted to do but couldn’t do due to other engagements. But if you are carrying forward any […]

Guidelines for Wealth Management in India

In India, people know how to create wealth but they are simply ignorant towards managing it efficiently. They think that making a fortune is enough and forget the crucial fact that managing it and progressing further on the basis of it is even more significant. You don’t need to be a financial expert to manage […]