16 Oct, 2012

Importance of Financial Planners and the Role played by them in India


Financial planning is the need of the hour. One needs to know what investment options are available in the market to invest one’s hard-earned money. It is very crucial to invest in safe investment avenues with a view to park surplus funds in them and gain good returns on them. Financial planners help you in getting richer and wealthier over a period of time.


Financial planners in India assess the risk appetite of the investor and suggest suitable investment options. They make sure that the investors are able to multiply their funds by investing in the right investment opportunities in the prescribed time duration.


Financial planners look after our financial problems. People who think they do not require any financial planner as they know about tax laws or shares and stocks are quite mistaken. They should hire a financial planner as financial planners are thorough professionals with valid certifications. They are experts in financial planning and have in-depth knowledge about the strategies and tactics which a layman would lack. Their guidance and advice help the common man to achieve their financial aims.


Role of financial planners-


Encourage savings

Asset acquisition

Debt management

Protection cover against risk

Trimming down tax liabilities

Chalking out inheritance strategies

Retirement plans


Encourages saving- A good financial planner always encourages people to save. They acquaint people with the benefits of saving a good chunk from their current income for benefits in long run. Saving leads to investment and hence one can earn large returns on savings.


Asset acquisition- Financial planners also help and guide the common man in acquiring and maintaining assets. They assess the risk appetite and budget of their clients and suggest them the asset options they can opt for. They suggest you on asset opportunities that suit your requirements and are conducive to your financial health.


Debt management

They guide and advice you on how to manage your debts. The financial planners make it a point that they take everything from your outstanding to unsecured debts into consideration so that you can enjoy complete autonomy over your finances.


Protection cover against risk– Financial planners assess your risk appetite and offer you solutions to protect you from probable risks. They encourage you take such insurance policies that not only save you from uncertainties of life but also help you in saving tax.


Trimming down tax liabilities- They also play major role in trimming down your tax liabilities. Such planners plan your tax liabilities in a manner that you save tax by investing into some prescribed govt bonds or other stocks and shares that are deductible under tax exemptions.


Chalking out inheritance strategies- Another crucial aspect of financial planning includes chalking out inheritance strategies for your coming generations. The planners plan and guide your finances in a way that you are able to leave a legacy behind you for the next generation.


Retirement plans- It is one of the most important things of the financial planning. Securing future particularly after retirement is the first priority of every person. This is done with the view to continue the smooth and comfortable life even after retirement. So, financial planners suggest you on the retirement plans that can help you to have a secure future.


What should you expect from your financial planner?






What shouldn’t you expect from your financial planner?


Overnight results

Sure-shot returns



By now you must have understood how significant financial planners are when it comes to our financial health. So, if you are looking for credible financial planners in India, look no further than IFM and leave all your financial issues on our experts and see the difference.

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