10 Oct, 2014

No rate cuts soon

RBI in its bi-monthly policy holds the key rates unchanged. RBI governor said that though the inflation has come down but to reaching the 6% inflation rate by 2016 is a big challenge. Rajan said that to maintain a level of 8% till 2018 would be easier but to reach the current target of 2016 will not be easy as food inflation & risk due to geo-political developments will remain a challenge.


In policy repo rate has been kept same at 8% as earlier. CRR & SLR remained unchanged at shyness dating 6% & 22% respectively. Thus Marginal facility rate and Bank rate also remained at 9%.

Policy said that food inflation at this point is a major concern as in August it contributed almost 60% to headline inflation. As the monsoon remained below par so food inflation will remain a big factor in future too. Policy also mentioned that base effect will temper the inflation in coming period and will only reverse from December onwards. So RBI will also keep in point the impact of base effect.

Deposit growth has improved significantly. free sex videos online tube RBI said that economic conditions are improving and thus the credit growth has also improved though the rates are still high. So liquidity conditions are still good.

“The future policy stance will be influenced by anchorage alaska singles bars the RBI’s projections of inflation relative to the medium term objective of 6 percent by January 2016, while being contingent on incoming data,” Rajan said. From this stance it has now become sure that RBI is not going to cut rates soon.

RBI has again cleared that http://optizas.com/geii/omni-cancun-web-cam inflation will retain the major importance than growth. RBI expects the GDP will using 8525 as web cam grow by 5.5 % in Fiscal 2015 & forecasts the growth of 6.3% in FY2016. Report also said that growth in Q2 & Q3 remain mild before recovering from Q4.


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