Tag: Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. has declared the results of Q2 FY16

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. has declared the results of Q2 FY16

On the consolidated basis, Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. has reported 22.20% rise in its net profit after taxes on Y-o-Y basis and minute rise of 0.39% in net profit on Q-o-Q basis. Total income of the company has increased by 9.25% & 1.16% at Rs 1158.29 crore for quarter under review as compared to the quarter ended September 30, 2014 and quarter ended June 2015. After years, reported top line growth remained below two digit numbers. Commenting on the Q2 performance, Mr. S V Raghavendra, Chief Financial Officer, said, “During the quarter, prices of major raw materials have been lower but the gains were partly offset by sharp depreciation of rupee against dollar. The reduced prices were passed on to the customers as per the contractual obligations resulting in marginal reduction in top line. However, the realization per unit for certain products and services have been better on account of cost improvements and better value proposition to various customers. The operating cash flow generation remained strong driven by improved profitability. The Company continues to have healthy liquidity position. The major projects of <br /><a class="btn btn-tislider-two" href="http://www.ifminvest.in/amara-raja-batteries-ltd-has-declared-the-results-of-q2-fy16/">Read More</a>